”2 Years Indeed” Chacha’s Brother Debunk Her Claim


”2 Years Indeed” Chacha’s Brother Debunk Her Claim, Shared Photo they Took Together A Year Ago

The dramatic moment when has stated that she missed her family for the past two years and she wishes to be with them.

Her brother has debunk those claims stating that she has not seen the family for 2 years now.

In a recent photo Chacha with the brother had a picture taken together on 29 September 2019 barely a year so why is Chacha claiming she has not seen her family.

In addition to the picture added a caption I believe those that said I should fight for my sis will chill now? You can’t save who doesn’t want to be saved You haven’t seen me two years wow!”. When Next Dramma Pops up I will seat with the audience and enjoy the view. Enjoy your Bipolar

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