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Technology in this present age


Technology in this present age

Technology in this present age


Technology in the 21st century has enabled us as humans to make strides our ancestors could only dream of. And yet, nagging doubts remain that technology is taking over our lives which is quite understandable.

Love it or loathe it, technology affects almost everything we do today and it also influences most of our plans for the future. Whether we experience the benefits of a hearing aid or a hearing implant, use a mobile phone, listen to music or radio, surf the internet for news or turn the GPS on in our car, we are constantly enjoying the benefits of a hi-tech life.

In the last decade, technological innovations have meant major strides in three areas in particular:

1. Technology In Health Sector

MED-EL audio processors

Medical practitioners are diagnosing illness quicker and more efficiently through the use of artificial intelligence and performing surgery effectively with the help of flexible robots – their hands essentially mimicking the human hand, but with the advantage of greater rotation and flexibility. Devices which help to improve our health are improving all the time. For example MED-EL audio processors (the externally worn part of a hearing implant) have come a long way. From the first model 40 years ago and now boast wireless charging, wireless phone and TV connection and a sleek design. All these makes them virtually undetectable under the hair.

2. Technology In Entertainment

Machine learning

Machine learning and virtual reality now dominate the entertainment space. On-demand television means that we no longer have to wait to watch our favorite TV shows, movies, or indeed make decisions on what to watch: machine-learning makes recommendations based on our viewing habits. Everything personalized, everything individualized. Virtual reality immerses viewers into live role play, and mixed reality has enabled games as well.

3. Communication

Communication technology

Progress made in the area of communications means we can be contacted at all times via a variety of channels. This means we have to be constantly available and constantly “on” which has also been a huge factor in the education sector. The use of computers, ipads, mobile phones, headsets or ear buds have all helped in learning and a huge boost for understanding through effective communication.


Can we enjoy the benefits of technology without succumbing to a tech-controlled life? Can we control it without being controlled by it?

Well yes, There should always be a balance to everything.

As humans, we should know how to;

* Utilize technology that makes your life easier (and don’t feel bad about it!): If a hearing implant is the right decision for you, celebrate the fact that you live in an age when this technology is available. Take advantage of it!

* Limit times when people can contact you: Reduce the unhealthy aspects of multitasking by allocating only certain hours of your day to responding to messages, or turning your phone off at night.

* Limit social media and TV time: studies have shown they are addictive. If you find yourself constantly reaching for the remote or checking your news feed, consider limiting your daily intake. Both social media and TV can be used in ways that support your life, but overuse can diminish it.

* Reconnect with nature and exercise: studies have shown nature and exercise help fight stress and depression. Consider doing 30 minutes of exercise outside each day with a friend, and experience the benefits a short break from technology can offer!


As a result of technological advances, they are increasing and spreading across countries. The positive impact of technology on the society has brought change and has helped us to reach new heights that have never before been conceived of. So, Technology is important in our daily life in many ways that we cannot ignore purposefully.


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